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    Sue Scott, MS

    Sue Scott, MS, is a demonstrated achiever in the field of active aging, with exceptional knowledge related to balance and mobility for older adults. In 2003 she created a comprehensive, multi-modal balance training program, ABLE BODIES® (published by Human Kinetics, 2008). Her program achieved wide acclaim for its effectiveness, creativity and fun.

    Sue worked with OHSU developing HELP PD, a sensori-motor agility program for Parkinson’s. Sue is currently developing videos and on-line training based on ABLE Bodies with OHSU and Berkeley. Sue has presented for ICAA, IAHSA, ASCM APHA, and IDEA. Sue has a masters in Exercise Science; is an IDEA Master Trainer and an ACSM certified Health and Fitness Specialist.

    In addition to her personal training and consulting business, Renewable Fitness, Sue works with Oregon Health and Science University and other researchers to develop effective brain-based exercise programs for older adults that can enhance cognition and/or benefit persons with Parkinson’s disease. This year, she is working with Misha Pavel and Holly Jimison on a Cognitive Health Coaching project.

    Sue is available for speaking engagements.

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