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    These are a few of the exercises available in the ABLE Bodies Balance Training book.

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    Carry the Baby – Stretch for sides of body from tips of fingers to hips
    Farmers Stretch – Stretch for hip flexors, chest, and shoulders
    Sun Bursts – Stretch chest, and shoulders
    Cops n Robbers – Stretch chest, and shoulders
    Gentlemen’s Bow – Stretch backs of legs; seated or standing version
    Chin dips, tilts and head rolls – Stretch and rotation for neck and shoulders

    Posture & Core

    Smell the Coffee – Let the scent of fresh coffee lift you up into good posture
    Purse Snatcher – Builds core strength using a bit of Pilates, with a fun story
    Buddha’s Prayer – Good for mid-back rounding

    Strength & Endurance

    Teeter Totter Chair Stands – Help for getting out of chairs.
    Flag Salutes /Chair Push Ups – Targets triceps helping a person rise from a chair
    Heel Raises – Strengthen lower legs; standing version is balance practice too
    Side Stepping – Strengthen hips; can be done seated, standing or moving
    The Up and Up – Strengthens Back, facilitates better posture
    Trip to Africa – Builds endurance with connected activities and a fun adventure


    Step and Stop – Builds skill for more successful weight transitions
    Over the Moon – Wonderful, feel-good back stretch done over stability ball
    Rock and Walk – Have fun and see how music helps us move
    Walk the Line – Line challenges that integrate posture, core stability and visual targets


    Venus Di Milo – Flexibility makes a difference in everyday reaching
    Supple Spine – Flexibility and function
    Torso as Cylinder – Core stability is part of our architecture
    Posture Affects Function – Posture affects breathing and even quickness


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