• About ABLE Bodies

    If we believe that as personal trainers, Exercises are the Tools of our trade, then ABLE Bodies Balance Training is your next virtual Toolbox of Activities for working with older or frail populations. ABBT offers more than 130 balance and mobility exercises to enhance balance and agility, as well as flexibility, strength, and cardiorespiratory endurance.

    ABLE Bodies Balance Training is a toolbox for improving the quality of life of older adults in our own lives. Ways to use ABLE Bodies:


    For most of us, balance happens automatically—we never give it a thought. But achieving and maintaining balance as we grow older is not so simple. Balance difficulties often stem from multiple causes, many of which are common in older, frail and sedentary adults. These include muscle weakness, joint stiffness, postural asymmetries, arthritis, cognitive impairment, fear of falling, and more. But there’s good news! There is a comprehensive exercise program, uniquely tailored to older adults, which is effective and not difficult to implement: ABLE Bodies Balance Training.

    Mission Statement

    • Bolster balance and mobility in older adults using appropriate physical activity
    • Encourage participants to live active, capable, able, involved lives; staying connected to their values, loved ones and communities
    • Make these ideas available to others

    Buy the book: ABLE Bodies Balance Training

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    Buy the book: ABLE Bodies Balance Training